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True meaning of residential and commercial furnishings has become deeper than its functionalities. The meaning is now emotionally related to aesthetics and is indeed part of our identities.

We believe that unique identity is much further than just WHAT it is. The uniqueness must embrace a journey of HOW and WHY all together, which then turning into a true identity. 

Eqologist aims to offer decorations and furnishings that do not only present forward-thinking design, but also delicately planned from the first step of process.

We commit to be attentive to WHAT we design, HOW it would be produced and WHY the material is being used, without compromising on functionality. Until we finally have great crafts … until it is a GENUINE IDENTITY.

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  1. penta01_02

    PENTA 01

    Size: 320mm(W)x320mm(D)x320mm(H)

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  2. penta01_02

    PENTA 02

    Size: 320mm(W)x320mm(D)x180mm(H)

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  3. Anu M_02

    ANU M

    Size: 450mm(W)x450mm(D)x445mm(H)

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  4. Anu L_02

    ANU L

    Size: 615mm(W)x615mm(D)x645mm(H)

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  5. Anu XL_02

    ANU XL

    Size: 725mm(W)x725mm(D)x775mm(H)

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5 Item(s)

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