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Size: 320mm(W)x320mm(D)x320mm(H)

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Designer of Penta Collection

My inspiration comes from a passion to expand a boundary of design. The pentagon shape (hence the name) reflects a strong structure of Penta, while the modular design creates distinguishing light distribution angles and translucent effect.

Moreover, the customized fiber-based material gives a very interesting texture, yet rigid, when properly processed.

Penta Collection creates an authentic and stylish indoor ambiance for your residential and commercial proposes for years. While, in suitable conditions of soil and water, the material can be naturally 100% decomposed.

Penta Collection – Indoor Pendant

Penta are made from our customized natural-fiber material that gives a unique and authentic touch and feel. Shapes of pentagon and triangle, together, make the structure of Penta rigid and durable. Angles and dimensions of each section are designed to allow the dim and warm white light of Penta to show different shade of light, which presents tropical aesthetic mood and tone. 

Material: Natural-fiber based from cassava and bamboo. This enhances value of cassava which is solely used in agriculture, and bamboo that is by product form chopsticks productions. 

With special properties of our customized-material, each section of Penta is seamlessly connected by handmade using water as natural adhesive, yet giving out a strong structure. Natural decomposition occurs only when it is buried in soil, with proper condition of oxygen and humidity.

Instruction: Use slightly wet cloth to clean, or small brush to dust.

Origin: Made in Thailand

Size: 320mm(W)x320mm(D)x320mm(H) 

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